GG 100 Slide



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Glass sliding roof:
Experience an open top feeling with our unique Vitello-Flex glass sliding roof and its innovative technology. We are not only talking about the ideal solution for you terrace, but also for your balcony or penthouse.

Motor-driven glass sliding roof:
Thanks to high-quality technology, our Vitello-Flex-Plus glass sliding roof offers you the possibility to react to all weather conditions via push button.

All-glass elements:
The GG100 Slide frameless sliding glazing with an impressively simple handling provides safety and transparency at the highest stage.

Terrace roof:
Our Vacanza glass roof offers you a carefree feeling of freedom. Your garden will shine in new splendor.

Sliding terrace fan:
By means of manual terrace fans, the heat accumulation under your glass roof will be trouble-free and reduced.